Enable Global Search
Todo's can be searched without opening the app itself.
The global search on the tablet needs to be configured to do search.
Follow these steps to enable global search for todo's.
  1. Click on Google search widget on your home screen. This will open the google search.
  2. On the right side tap on search settings. This will open the list of applications supporting global search.
  3. Scroll down the list of apps and you will see the "ToDo for Tablet" app.
  4. Check the check box by tapping the check box against "ToDo for Tablet".
  5. That's it. Global search is enabled to search in "ToDo for Tablet" app.
  6. When you type in search box, results from app will be shown in the search results. You can tap on the results to open the app.
  7. Enjoying Searching your todo's.